Making ESG Investing greenwashing – free with experts from the UK, Sweden, Netherlands, Germany, Finland, Luxembourg, Switzerland & India

Webinar on Making ESG investing greenwashing – free with Masja Zandbergen, Head, Sustainability Integration, Robeco, The Netherlands, Yann Kerhoas, Manager, Sustainable Finance, Luxembourg Green Exchange, Luxembourg, Jennie Ahrén, Head of ESG & Partner, Tundra Fonder, Sweden, Markus Zimmer, Senior ESG Economist, Allianz Economic Research, Allianz SE, Germany, Namita Vikas, Founder & Managing Partner, AuctusESG, India, Martina Macpherson, Head, ESG Strategy, Oddo BHF Asset Management & Oddo BHF Private Equity, UK, Antoine Mach, Managing Partner & Co-founder, Covalence SA, Switzerland, Robin Kipfer, ESG Controller, Voima Gold, Finland & Abhay Laijawala, MD & Fund Manager, Avendus Capital, India.

Webinar conducted jointly with partners: IFA WealthGram magazine of the Swiss Independent Financial Advisor’s Association (GSCGI) & Finarc SA, Switzerland, SustainoMetric, The Netherlands, Khadim Ali Shah Bukhari Securities (KASB Securities), Pakistan & the Banking, Finance, Insurance Institute of Nepal (BFIN).

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