Sourajit Aiyer – Lead Consultant, has worked with Motilal Oswal Financial Services, UBS Bank London, Evalueserve Research, apart from internships with Grameen Bank Bangladesh & TATA Motorfinance. Following a career-transition to the sustainability space two years ago, he has worked on short-contracts with Grameen Impact Investment & Sustainable India Finance Facility (UN Environment) & has sourced assignments for his freelance research practice from organisations from India, the EU, the UK, the US, Asia & Africa. In addition, he has written 3 Books on South / Southeast Asian economies, written 160+ articles for 60 publications of 25 countries on climate, sustainability, development, agriculture, business strategy, capital markets & geopolitics, given 30+ university guest-talks & conference presentations across 8 Asian countries & has curated ~20 webinars with 50+ international domain-experts, 40+ written interviews & conference panel discussions. He has been invited to TV news shows, panel discussions & print news-interview. He graduated with a PG Diploma in Management in 2006, & holds certificates in GRI Reporting, Integrated Reporting, Green Bonds, Fundraising & Responsible Business Conduct.

Sonia Sharma – Consultant, has worked in research and field-based projects with organisations like Sustainable India Finance Facility (UN Environment), Development Solutions, Wildlife Institute of India and EduCare India. These projects spanned sectors like sustainable agriculture, wildlife conservation, biodiversity and environment across five Indian provinces. She has worked on the Zero Budget Natural Farming (ZBNF) project in two Indian provinces. At South Asia Fast Track, she works on both client-facing and research roles, and has completed assignments for clients from India, the EU & Africa, & has also curated webinars. She graduated with a M.Sc. in Environment and Ecology in 2018.

Areej Jehanzeb Jr. Consultant, has acquired training as an advocate of sexual assault survivors at the Family Crises Center of East Texas, USA, conducted awareness sessions on street children abuse at Ra’ana Child Welfare, Peshawar and is working with the Peace and Development Organization on a research project for the protection of rights of underprivileged female/child domestic workers in KPK province. She provides research support at South Asia Fast Track, and is currently completing her degree in Psychology.

In addition, we engage other professionals on a need-basis depending on the project.

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