South Asia Fast Track is focused on sustainable development-related communications, on issues that impact small-businesses, sustainability & climate in this region.

We do this in 4 ways:- (a) we offer communication support services through research, writing, editing & industry outreach to support small-businesses, development-sector projects & agencies, (b) we write articles & op-eds in external publications (see Our Articles section in this website), (c) we deliver guest-talks & presentations on these issues in universities & industry conferences (see Events section in this website), and (d) we source interviews with senior professionals from sustainability, policy & business domain who share their insights (see Interviews section in this website). In short, we aim to be a cross-section between the Economist and Maven in the SDGs domain

Sourajit Aiyer has done writing / editing / research / outreach assignments for agencies whose end-clients were state governments, multilateral institutions, sustainability organisations, etc. as part of his practice at South Asia Fast Track. Previously, he worked with Sustainable India Finance Facility (UN Environment), Motilal Oswal Financial, UBS London, Evalueserve & Grameen Bank Bangladesh. He has also written 3 Books on South / Southeast Asian economies, and 130+ articles for 60 publications of 25 countries on climate change, sustainability, development, agriculture, business strategy, capital markets & politics. He has given 30+ guest-talks & conference presentations across 8 countries, curated panel discussions, and been invited to participate in TV News shows, panel discussions & print news-interviews. He has sourced over 40 interviews for South Asia Fast Track. Email sourajitaiyer@gmail.com

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