South Asia Fast Track is focused on Insights on issues that impact small-business, sustainability & climate in this region. The website includes our Articles which appeared in external publications, our Events like guest-talks & conference presentations as well as Interviews with senior professionals from sustainability, policy & business. We also offer Consultancy services to help small-businesses, development-sector projects & agencies with research, writing, editing, investor outreach & strategy support.

Sourajit Aiyer has done writing / editing assignments for agencies whose end-clients were state governments, multilateral institutions & sustainability organisations. Previously, he worked with Sustainable India Finance Facility (UN Environment), Motilal Oswal Financial, UBS London, Evalueserve & Grameen Bank. He has also written 3 Books on South / Southeast Asian economies, and 130+ articles for 60 publications of 25 countries on climate change, sustainability, development, agriculture, strategy, finance & politics. He has given 30+ guest-talks & conference presentations across 8 countries, curated panel discussions, and been invited to participate in TV News shows, panel discussions & print news-interviews. He has sourced over 40 interviews for South Asia Fast Track. Email sourajitaiyer@gmail.com to know more.

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