South Asia Fast Track is focused on sustainable development-related communications & research, on the themes of sustainability, inclusive growth, small-business & environment. We do this in 4 ways:-

  • We offer research & communication support services to small-businesses, development-sector projects, research institutions & NGOs, who are tied for time & talent and seek to outsource their assignments. We assist them through qualitative research & analysis, writing & editing of reports/articles/whitepapers/presentations/communication collateral, business strategy support for small enterprises engaged in such sectors, fundraising & grant-writing support, co-curating conference events like panel discussions, etc. We have worked with organisations from India, Nepal, Pakistan, Afghanistan, the UK, Switzerland as well as several Sub-Saharan African nations, on sectors spanning climate change, renewable energy, environment, business sustainability, solid waste management, disaster resilience, accessible tourism, responsible business transition, SME business strategy & foreign relations.
  • We write articles & op-eds in external publications (see Articles section in this website)
  • We speak at university guest-talks & industry conference presentations on topical issues (see Events section in this website). We plan to extend this to online webinars as well
  • We source interviews with senior professionals from sustainability, policy & business domain who share their insights (see Interviews section in this website).

Sourajit Aiyer grey scale

Sourajit Aiyer – Lead Consultant, has worked with Grameen Impact Investment, Sustainable India Finance Facility (UN Environment), Motilal Oswal Financial Services, UBS Bank London, Evalueserve & Grameen Bank Bangladesh. He has written 3 Books on South / Southeast Asian economies, and 135+ articles for 60 publications of 25 countries on climate, sustainability, development, agriculture, business strategy, capital markets & politics. He has given 30+ guest-talks & conference presentations across 8 countries, curated panel discussions, and been invited to participate in TV News shows, panel discussions & print news-interviews.

Sonia sharma1

Sonia Sharma – Consultant, has worked in research and field-based projects with organisations like Sustainable India Finance Facility, Development Solutions, Wildlife Institute of India and EduCare India. These projects spanned sectors like sustainable agriculture, wildlife conservation, biodiversity and environment across 5 Indian provinces (Uttarakhand, Maharashtra, Himachal Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh and Punjab). She has worked closely on the Zero Budget Natural Farming project in 2 Indian provinces where its implementation has seen significant traction. She holds a MSc. in Environment and Ecology from Nalanda University

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