Projects & Clients

We work on research & communications assignments on sustainability and inclusive development topics. We target institutions, companies, NGOs, academia, etc., who are tied for time & talent and seek to outsource such assignments.

We assist them with qualitative research, writing of reports/articles/publications, speech writing, strategy support for SMEs, outreach to industry/institutions, curating panel discussions/webinars, etc. Our work has spanned sectors like ESG & sustainable finance research, renewable energy, climate change, environment, sustainable agriculture, plastic & solid waste management, circular economy, disaster resilience, accessible tourism, responsible transition to AI, AI for social good, business impact on ecosystems, etc.

We have worked with, or are working with, TATA Cleantech Capital, AuctusESG LLP (Namita Vikas), Alliance to End Plastic Waste Singapore, Center for Responsible Business, Core CarbonX (Telangana Govt., Kerala Govt.), FairAI – UK, European Center of Social Finance Germany, Swiss-based university’s faculty, Sustainometric Holland, Lucid Solutions (Asian Development Bank), IDG Communications USA, Pan Impact Korea, Economy Monitor Costa Rica, Unscripted Concepts Kenya, IMS Pakistan, Climate Bonds Initiative’s India manager, Grameen Foundation India’s CEO, SBI Foundation’s COO, Hasiru Dala, Resilient Foundation, Planet Abled, SV Agri, etc. Also, we have volunteered remotely with NGOS of Sub-Saharan Africa.

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